A Mother’s Day message to my kids

I am sure this Mother’s Day I will be greeted with some gorgeous homemade cards and some presents lovingly picked out by the kids (with the help of daddy’s wallet). I am looking forward to a trip to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast and maybe a roast dinner (courtesy of the hubby who is housebound as he is on call for work).

I love Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day – I know some people see them as a cynical ploy by the card manufacturers to get us to spend a fortune but I am all for anything that makes us stop for a minute and appreciate those around us.

But this Mother’s Day what I really want is a few things that money can’t buy (and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone). So Megan and Henry this is what I’d really like on Sunday:

  • Can you please sleep in past 7? I know you can do it as I have to drag your bodies out of bed every weekday morning but come the weekend you have more energy than the Duracell bunny
  • Can I have a bowl of olives, bag of crisps, sandwich, chocolate bar or drink to myself? I know sharing is good but I literally get nothing to myself so today can you not ask to try whatever I am about to put in my mouth! 
  • Can you put your shoes on, coats on, clean your teeth and leave the house on the first time of asking?
  • Can you ask Dad to get you a drink, tie your shoes or reach you something from a high shelf? He is just as capable as me!
  • Can I have a bath (or even a wee!) without hearing a little knock on the door?
  • Can you stop dropping things on the floor when you have finished with them? Just for one day it would be nice to not have to pick up after you! If my back breaks you’ll be the ones pushing me around in my old age so it’s worth your while!

And finally can you give me an extra big hug and 20 extra kisses each because I love you both so much and you make me very proud to be your mummy.


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