Disney on Ice Frozen – a show with the warmest of hearts

Some things were just made to go together – fish and chips; salt and pepper; gin and tonic and of course Disney’s Frozen and ice dancing. You can imagine how delighted the production team behind the annual Disney on Ice tour were when the Frozen phenomenon first hit our shores – no Disney film has ever been more suited to an ice rink.

There was no shortage of mini Elsa and Annas (and a few Olafs) at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena waiting to see their heroines perform and they weren’t disappointed. Following a quick warm up and a tutorial on the snowman dance, Mikey, Minnie and the gang introduced a galaxy of dancing Disney princesses, stars of Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Lion King for a big number about love. Then it was onto the main show, after last year’s dip into the Frozen story, this time we were treated to the whole tale- and what a treat! From the kooky ‘Love is an Open Door, the terribly cute trolls and an impressive inflatable snowmonster, to the show-stopping big number from everyone’s favourite snowman and a dancing reindeer – the show was an avalanche of entertainment. “Are they real?” asked four year old Henry “Of course” I replied!

The excitement was palpable as we all readied ourselves for Elsa’s big ‘Let it Go’ moment at the end of the first half. We weren’t disappointed as Elsa gave us a powerful and emotional dance backed by hundreds of tiny fans (and a few bigger ones!) screaming out the lyrics at the top of their voices. It was a real goosebumps moment and lovely to see so many children totally swept up in the moment.

Unlike in previous years, where we have been treated to snippets from other films in the second half, this time it was all about Frozen. The tiny fans, who had probably seen the film a million times before, reacted as if it was their first time – shouting at the baddies, cheering for the goodies and laughing in all the right places. The great thing about Disney on Ice is there is something for everyone and you only had to look around to see families from two to 92 having a great time.

The whole story was told at pace with great sets, beautiful costumes, perfect dancers and just the right amount of Disney magic to ensure snow in October in Newcastle! It was amazing how they managed to slim down the story, without losing the plot or any of the songs and they retained every bit of the excitement, tension and humour of the film. The principal dancers were the best I’ve ever seen, supported by an amazing cast of extras who did some impressive costume changes and didn’t put a foot wrong.

Every year Disney on Ice promises us the very best in entertainment, and yet again they more than exceeded my expectations. For my kids the countdown to winter (and more importantly Christmas) begins when we step out of the arena, still high on Disney magic, into the cold, dark night. This year was no different. We sang all the way back to the car, and all the way home – and the kids fell asleep with the biggest smiles on their faces – that’s the magic of Disney.

To buy your tickets for the tour click here.


I attended Disney on Ice Frozen as a guest for review purposes.


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