Home alone…



My youngest is having his first morning at school today. As predicted he ran through the door without giving me a second glance. His teacher even had to tell him to give me a hug before he darted off to explore. It was all in all the perfect start to his life at school but now here I am, home alone for the first time in seven years. Thanks to a juggling act The Moscow State Circus would be proud of, I have managed to get some more hours of work so I won’t be sipping endless cappacionos and lunching my way through the week, but for now as I sit at my computer it definitely feels strange:

  1. It’s deathly quiet. With only Ken Bruce to keep me company I am already missing the constant shouts of “Mummy” and just the general hullabaloo that comes with having a four year old in your house
  2. I have started talking to the pet rabbit! Not just saying hello but a proper (one sided) conversation!
  3. I feel like I should be keeping busy. I have a cup of tea in my hand but since I got in from the school run I haven’t been able to sit down. It feels wrong not to be on the move all the time, thinking about a thousand things at once. Turning on the TV and watching Phil and Holly would be like playing truant from school – what if someone caught me not rushing round like a whirlwind….
  4. I had prepped tea by 9.55am
  5. I have no intention of going anywhere today  – no running to play group, soft play, music class or swimming. The day seems very long without pre-school activities to fill it
  6. My ironing pile has gone and there are two loads of washing on the line
  7. I am up-to-date with my twitter, Facebook and Linked In accounts
  8. I may love my ‘hard as nails non-nonsence mum’ image but I miss my boy!




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