A happier ending and a new beginning …


Meet Doodles – our new rescue rabbit! She’s very nervous but we are showering her with love and affection and loving having her as part of our family. The kids still talk about Waffles A LOT but they are using what they learned from their first (short-lived) pet experience to give Doodles a great home!

Sadly she’s too young to have been spayed so I may have to face the dreaded visit to the vet in the future but for now we are just enjoying her! Where Waffles was bolshy, confident and independent, Doddles is shy, cuddly and apprehensive – two rabbits as different as my two kids! PERFECT!!

16/10/16 postscript – Sadly we have now lost Doodles too! I am not sure lightening is meant to strike twice and am starting to question the health of the rabbits when we got them as they both came from the same place. Needless to say that’s us off pets for a bit…..


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