Move over Tom, there’s a new Bond in town!



Bets may have been suspended on Tom Hiddleston becomin the new Bond but I have a different suggestion for 007 which will delight a whole new audience of fans. So here’s why my four year old’s hero, Andy Day, should be protecting Queen and country:

1)    He’s an adrenalin junkie. According to his website “He loves a good adventure and a bit of a challenge, he has run the London marathon, climbed the three peaks in 24 hours, sky dived, paraglided, and likes to surf” – I can already see the opening scenes…

2)    In Kip he has a ready-made Q – a mad inventor, best mate and sidekick

3)    We may be used to see him smiling and messing around but he can do mean and moody with the best of them. You only need to google his name to see he’s a hit with the ladies and isn’t it about time we had a Bond for the mums!


4)    He suits a suit

A CBeebies Christmas Carol

5)    He’s the master of disguise, whether dressed as Captain Hook, a giant or a Dame – my kids never guess that it’s really Andy!


6)    He’s got a time machine – that’s got to help defeat the bad guys! And he’s dealt with his fair share of dinosaurs – what’s Odd Job next to a T-Rex?


7)    I don’t know whether he drinks Martinis or not but a Bond who knows how to make a good cup of tea and a jug of squash would definitely win my heart

8)    He’s definitely got the charm – big smiles, warm heart and a towering presence – enough to make anyone fall under his spell


9)    He’s not complicated – Andy spends his life making sure everything is straight forward and we all understand what’s going on. No chance of us getting lost in a complicated plot with him in charge

10) In his spare time he juggles and plays the ukulele – that would definitely catch the baddies off guard!

What do you think? Can you think of another kids’ presenter who’d do an even better job?

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