Me and Jennifer – hoorah for clumsy women


In a world of glamorous, flawless celebrities who are always picture perfect I have to declare my love for a flawed diamond – Jennifer Lawrence.
Never has a woman looked so amazing and acted like such a klutz. For all clumsy women out there, she is a god send.
Every time she trips on the red carpet or falls up the steps at an awards ceremony I quietly punch the air in triumph. I am not vindictive in any way but just to know that someone as seemingly perfect as Jennifer has two left feet makes me feel better about my own clumsiness.
In the last few months I have broken my finger in a handheld blender, ripped my trousers whilst trying to ride my daughter’s scooter, burnt my hand getting a pizza out of the oven and ended up with an egg-sized bump on my forehand when getting something from the top of a wardrobe! That’s not to mention the kids’ tea dropped on the floor, many pairs of laddered tights, scuffed shoes, hems coming down, spinach in my teeth in meetings, chipped nails and host of mystery bruises I seem to get every time I walk down the street.
I long to be one of those women who look totally together and polished, never a hair out of place, but it will never happen. I blame the fact I am always running around trying to get the children to wherever they need to be but I am kidding myself – I have always been a klutz. Neither can I blame the booze, most of my ‘accidents’ happen when I am stone cold sober (in fact I seem to be more steady on my feet the more cocktails I have)!
My daughter is sadly following in my unsteady footsteps – only she could get her hair caught in the zip of her new trampoline net after just one bounce!
So whilst I am nursing my latest bruise whilst trying to colour in the scuffed heel on my new shoes with a felt tip, I will take some comfort that a powerful, amazing woman like Jennifer Lawrence keeps tripping over her floor length dresses and landing on her face.


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