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Seven thoughts for my seven year old

My baby girl turns seven this weekend and for some reason it seems like a real watershed. Seven sounds so much older than six and every day I catch glimpses of the woman my gorgeous girl will grow up to be. So here on this auspicious day in the Jones household, are seven pearls of mummy wisdom for my seven year old:


Hold on tight to your friends and independence – you always tell me you’re not going to get married. Instead you’re going to live in London with your best friend and run a nail bar! Your dreams will change and I’ve no doubt one day you will find that special someone who will steal your heart. But whatever happens hold onto your dreams to be independent, leave home and have a career. Most importantly keep your friends at the centre of all you do. Lovers will come and go but friends will remain, so nurture those relationships as you grow and they will pay you back ten-fold.  I’ve always thought my main job as a mummy is to give you the wings to fly away and the grounding in love that means you can always come home. So I look forward to visiting you in the Capital for a bit of a pamper!

Be brave – I have tried throughout your life to instil confidence in you. I truly believe you can do anything you set your mind to but it seems you have inherited my worry gene and it breaks my heart to see how this often shows itself in a cripplingly lack of self-confidence. I know it’s hard to take a leap but please believe that I will always be there to cheer when it goes right and pick you up when it goes wrong. Don’t be scared to jump, you never know you might fly!

He’s not heavy… I love the fact you and your little brother are so close. You are a real team and truly are best friends. As you grow up, and inevitably take different paths in life, please do everything you can to nurture and maintain this unique sibling bond. When no-one else has your back, your brother will always be there and even if you are on different sides of the world you will be able to call each other up for a laugh, a cry or a virtual cuddle. No-one will understand you as much as Henry – so even when he is being an annoying little brother when you want to be cool with your friends, hang on tight to him and please look out for him!

Daddy is best (sometimes) – you are a mummy’s girl through and through and sometimes that has been hard on your dad. You haven’t always wanted to spend time with him and the fact you always search me out has been tough for him. In the last few years I have seen you turning more to your dad and I am delighted that you are beginning to see what a wonderful, kind, hardworking, inspirational man he is. You will always be his little girl and no-one will ever protect you like he can. Love him hard.

Keep reading – like me you are a bookworm and are never happier than with your nose stuck in a book. Keep reading whatever you can get your hands on. Devour novels, non-fiction, biographies, recipes, blogs, leaflets and posters! By reading you will expand your mind and visit places you can only dream of. But please, for the sake of your old mum keep your bookshelves full of real books. E-books are just not the same!

Dance – keep listening to music and moving that body! I have a sneaky suspicion you go to your weekly tap and ballet lessons to make me happy but what makes me really happy is watching you in your bedroom dancing with real abandon to your favourite music. Never forget the joy of hearing a song that makes your heart sing and your body move. It’s a cliché but please keep dancing and singing like no-one is watching.

Try your best – you are a great student, always trying your hardest , being a delight to teach and getting some good grades. Keep studying hard. It will get tough as new distractions vie for your attention but having good grades will make life easier in the long run. Doors will open and you will find many shortcuts if you have exams in your pocket. People will say that you don’t need to do well at school to succeed in life and maybe that’s true, but if you always try you best you won’t go far wrong.



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