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Valentine’s Day for parents


Valentine’s Day is not for mums and dads. The world of hearts and romance is definitely for those lucky people who don’t have to everyone’s needs before their own. It seems wrong that at a time when we would so much more appreciate the attention and little gestures, Valentines just isn’t relevant to us!

Forget moonlight and roses, here are my wishes for a perfect Feb14:

A hot bath – what a hot soak in a rose petal bubble bath sounds like a dream. I’d settle for a soak in my own water (not previously used by everybody else) and a tub free of plastic ducks and Mr Matey bottles! Five minutes to myself –a chapter of my book without interruptions, two minutes to catch up on Facebook or even a minute to use the loo uninterrupted – sounds like bliss and as unlikely as being whisked to a desert island

My own food – a romantic meal for two? No, I’d settle for any meal that isn’t picked over by my kids. I’m all for sharing but “can I have some of yours?” is such a constant cry in our house we may as well just invest in a set of sharing platters

A stress-free walk – a romantic stroll sounds lovely but I’d enjoy a romp through the mud to the playground as long as I didn’t have to shout “get your shoes on” ” get your coats on” for half an hour before we leave the door, then spend the rest of the time picking up fallen kids, looking at sticks and carrying abandoned scooters.

A dozen red roses – flowers sound lovely although I am married to man who bought me a flower shaped necklace early on in our relationship so “you can’t moan about never getting flowers again”. There’s something special about a bouquet or even a posy of handpicked wild flowers. This week my three year old presented me with a dandelion and a dead daffodil, found abandoned by the side of the road. A gesture I know, but somewhat lacking! Time on a morning – I don’t want breakfast in bed or even a lie in on the weekend! To this frazzled mum a truly romantic gesture would be for my other half to get up with the kids on a school day, get them dressed and fed and ready to go so I could spend that extra 15 minutes under the duvet before getting ready for the day ahead at a leisurely speed.

A trip away – Whenever me and my husband get a night away alone we go on such a frenzy of eating and drinking that we are usually in bed by 9pm and suffer all the next day so a trip away might be wasted on us but I’ve gone to the other extreme. This February 14 I will be packing the kids into the car for a five day road trip to see friends hundreds of miles away during half term. My husband couldn’t get time off work so is not even coming with us! “Are we nearly there yet?” and “I feel sick” are hardly the phrases one wants to hear on Valentine’s Day.

Chocolates – any parent will tell you once you have kids you don’t get first dibs on the chocolates anymore. This didn’t used to be a problem as I love really hard toffees, jaw breakers that the kids turned their noses up at. Not any more, the six year old has developed a love of Thornton’s to rival my own – now I just hand over the box and wait to pick over what’s left – strawberry cream anyone?

Of course the love from my kids is a world away from romantic love and I wouldn’t change it for the world. As I wait to see if the hubby has remembered to get me a card, the two best Valentines messages I could ever receive have already been delivered this week:

Henry, 3, “I love it when you say you love me” and Megan, 6, made me the most gorgeous card with “You’re the best mummy in the world” carefully written inside.

Now that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside – bless!



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