Opening Pandora’s box


I loved my trip to London last weekend with some of my girlfriends for many reasons – cocktails in the morning, a three hour lunch, wandering around the Capital in the sun, laughing ’til we cried and catching up on the gossip but one of the unexpected joys was slung over my shoulder – a small handbag! Oh the joy of ditching the mummy bag and taking out something just big enough to fit my purse, lipstick and phone!

I’d forgotten what it was like not ot be carrying 20lbs of extra weight around with me – my mummy bag has become like the Tardis  – just with more crumpled tissues and less David Tennant (sadly!). So when I got home I decided to do the unthinkable and actually empty my bag – here is what I found:

6 used tissues

3 packets of unopened tissues

Two half sucked sweets

A Paw Patrol fire engine

Marshall from Paw Patrol

Three dinosaurs

A Thomas the Tank Engine hoodie

A pair of child’s sunglasses

4 nappies (yes, we are STILL In nappies – see previous posts!)

Three pebbles

A packet of wipes

Three biros

A letter from the PTA

Half an apple core

My sunglasses case (no sunglasses)

My purse (empty)

My phone (with a sticky screen)

A My Little Pony pink phone

Some sand

A ‘how to look after your guinea pig’ leaflet (we don’t have a guinea pig!)

A stick

‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ board book

Peppa Pig audiobook (no case)

After this mass clean out my intention was to keep the bag empty apart from the essentials but it took less than two days for rubbish to start accumulating again – you try telling a three year old that Marshall isn’t an essential supermarket companion! No wonder I am dreaming about an ever so stylish and ever so tiny sparkly clutch!



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