Happy Father’s Day – to my husband!


It’s Father’s Day and time to appreciate the men who gave us our wonderful bundles of joy. To my hubby here are the things I’m grateful for today:

1. You know how to play fight, torment and push the limits just enough so they know when to fight back but don’t get upset

2. Your ‘tickle spider’ fingers are legendary and get the kids squealing like nothing else

3. You can get the kids downstairs quietly on the rare mornings I get a lie in

4. You understand the healing properties of a cup of tea in bed

5. You can fix anything (or at least pretend to) –  Daddy Fix!

6. You have an endless supply of batteries for all the toys, but when the beeping and flashing gets just a bit too much the supply just happens to run out!

7. You cook a mean pancake for weekend family breakfasts

8. You’ll jump in the car and go and get bacon if your six year old sets her heart on a butty for breakfast

9. You can make them laugh like no-one else

10. When Daddy’s in charge the rules are always bent!

11. You worry when they climb up a tall slide or I push them high on the swings

12. You come in from work and come straight upstairs to read a bedtime story or plonk them in the bath

13. You let me escape for girly weekends away to recharge my mummy batteries

14. You understand the power of the TV and how it can give us all a bit of peace and quiet now and then

15. You’re happy to be a pirate when the 3 year old demands it

16. You jokingly tell our daughter to ‘take that muck off your face’ when she’s playing at make up – but we both know you’ll be saying it for real soon

17. You tell our kids ‘to hold the hand rail’ EVERY time they climb downstairs

18. You make me see sense when I’m worrying about their future

19. You let me know when I’m being too hard on them – they are only kids and you’re their biggest ally!

20. You sneak in and look at them when they’re asleep

So THANK YOU  and we love you!!!



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