Get well soon!


In the Jones house we have been very lucky when it comes to rarely been hit by childhood sickness, so when Henry was struck with his first bout of tonsillitis last week it reminded me of a few things I’d forgotten…

Banana flavoured antibiotics are the devil’s work. Whoever decided it was a good idea to make kids’ antibiotics bright yellow and taste of synthetic banana has obviously never been near a sick child. Trying to get the gloopy sweet concoction into a contorting tot is a nightmare – and what’s even worse you have to do it four times a day! There’s no point hiding it in food when your little one is too ill to eat so all you can do is enlist the help of a firm handed relative (or a friendly postman) to hold them down while you spoon or syringe it into their mouths. Once you’ve spilt most of the bottle and the rest has been spat out it’s a wonder that enough has gone into the child’s system to make any difference to their recovery. What I can’t understand is why the pharmacists haven’t made an antibiotic medicine for children that tastes likes Calpol – show me a kid who doesn’t like the taste of Calpol and I’ll show you a crafty child who just wants a chocolate after every spoonful! And the good thing about Calpol is most kids are used to taking it so you wouldn’t face this terrifyingly upsetting battle of wills! I think it’s all part of the conspiracy to stop us asking for, any relying on, antibiotics but administrating the stuff is no joke and something should be done!

Your house is full of little jobs you never get done. Whether its chicken pox or a nasty cold, the chances are if your child is ill you’ll be stuck indoors and so you’ll start noticing all those jobs that you usually don’t have time to see. The skirting boards need washing down, the sofa needs hovering and the kitchen cupboards are a disgrace. Not only have you got the time to notice the jobs you’ve now also got the time to do them – no excuses – drat!

Daytime TV still exists – you may have the TV on to entertain your poorly solider but when they drift off for a fevered nap you can grab the remote control and enjoy the luxury of watching TV for grownups during the day. Who knew there was a Couples’ Come Dine with Me or that John Craven has a quiz show? While we’ve been brainwashed by Cbeebies and Tiny Pop, the Jeremey Kyles and Matthew Wrights of this world have been getting on without us – so now you have a spare hour or so it would be rude not to pop by and say hello!

Your washing basket does have a bottom. Ever since I had kids I have had a constant pile of washing and ironing – until last week when between other chores, day time TV and cartoon watching (see above) I had time to plough through the bottomless piles of washing, ironing and putting away! Even with the constant changes of bed clothes from the sick room I still got to the end of the challenge (helped by some first class drying days – God I’m getting old!) and we now all have full, freshly laundered wardrobes! It won’t last but it gave me some weird sense of satisfaction – move over Anthea Turner there’s a new perfect housewife in town!

Unlimited cuddles are a bonus. It’s selfish, but one thing I loved (in a warped way) about the time Henry was ill was that he needed me more than ever before. He’s a very independent three year old most of the time but for a solid week all he wanted was cuddles from his mum and, whilst we had the house to ourselves, I had all the time in the world to just sit with him. Those precious moments will get less and less as he grows up so, despite his suffering, it was really nice to fulfil the most important job in the world – being his mum!


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