Keeping us waiting…


So as time ticks by and Kate still hasn’t dropped her second sprog I can’t help but feel sorry for her. Megan, my eldest, was due on April 2 2009 but we had to wait 15 days until our little bundle of joy arrived.

During this time I was plagued by people asking how I was – always starting with that most annoying of questions “have you not had that baby yet?” “Yes, I wanted to scream – I have had it – this is a beach ball stuffed up my jumper” but instead I would smile politely and listen to yet more advice about how to get the baby out.

From hot curries and ripe pineapples to housework and sex (no chance – that’s how I got into this mess in the first place!) the advice kept coming. In the end, I was induced and after some heavy duty pushing our very tiny bundle of joy arrived.

She had a massive shock of dark hair (cue more inane comments from strangers “hasn’t she got a lot of hair?!”) so the standing joke became that her delayed arrival was due to her styling her hair before her big debut! I do feel for poor Kate, who has the world’s eyes on her as every day passes without a new baby, so for her, and all the other over expectant mothers, here’s what I would suggest you do:

  • Eat whatever you fancy – the old wives tales about curry, pineapple and raspberry tea may work for some people but this is the last chance you’ll get to indulge in whatever you fancy until the world is looking (and commenting) on your waistline again. Open that jar of peanut butter, grab a spoon and dive in.
  • Wear what’s comfy – it must be hard when you make your living as a style icon and clothes horse but whilst you are shut away behind the palace doors grab your joggers and that massive T-shirt that got stretched in the wash and slob out!
  • Spend time with George – your gorgeous boy is about to hit a massive period of readjustment, where he has to share the limelight (both personal and professional) with a sibling. He’s not the first little boy to become a big brother but he is your first born and while you can still make him the solo centre of your world, give him loads of attention, cuddles and love!
  • Watch TV and read a book – whilst George is having a nap grab those last minutes of ‘me time’. Watch your favourite TV show and read as many books and trashy magazines as you can get your hands on. Having one baby is hard work, having two is a whole new juggling feat! You may be inundated with help (whether royalty or not) but at the end of the day you are their mum and sometimes you are the only one who will do. Before you start being pulled in every direction, concentrate on you!
  • Get William to take you out – it may not be that easy for the heir to the throne to arrange a date night but surely your man can pull a few strings to get the pair of you some couple time? You are soon to become parents to two babies under two, with all the craziness that comes with it, so take this time to reconnect – just the two of you (and your security team!)
  • Paint your nails – now is the time to try that day glow green colour you’d never dare wear out in public.
  • Borrow a tank – it has been suggested that going for a bumpy car ride can bring on labour – you are in a privileged position to go over some really rough terrain in one of your husband’s military vehicles so slap on the war paint and get ready to roll!
  • Finally just enjoy the calm before the storm – whether you’re royalty giving birth for the second time or the girl next door having your first, your life is about to change beyond all recognition. So sit back, rest your hands on your ever growing bump and try to relax – baby will come when s/he’s ready!

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