Know when you’re beaten


A quick update on the quest for the Holy Grail of having a potty trained toddler…five-and-a-half months, thousands of washes, and lots of ruined pants later, I have waved the white flag and put my little man back in nappies. Neither of us is particularly happy with the situation but we are both much more relaxed and smiley. I realised that rather than training Henry, it was me who had become programmed – aware of when he might need to use the loo and plonking him on the potty with alarmingly frequency. In the past months, Henry never showed any awareness that he needed a wee so we have now settled on a compromise – he uses the potty when he is put on it but the nappy is there for all the times in between. I still have no advice about the whole toilet training business (and I hold firm in my view that it ranks as the number one worst thing about having kids) but I just wanted to share the revelation that it is ok to give up! It seems failure is an option, at least for now!


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