Happy Mother’s Day!

So finally we get a day to ourselves to be pampered and spoiled by our partners and kids. Here’s hoping you all got breakfast in bed, a lie in and a something homemade from your little treasures. As we celebrate all that is great about being a mum here are ten things I’ve learnt in the past six years:

  1. Before I had kids I thought I could multi-task – now I know I can. Who would have thought it would be possible to conduct a spelling test, change channels on the TV, cook tea, answer the phone and sit a rowdy two year old on the potty at the same time?
  2. Sleep isn’t over-rated but you can definitely survive on less than you think.
  3. My car is not only a taxi, it’s also a dumping ground for sweet wrappers, books, DVDs, wellies and other miscellaneous items. People who have tidy cars don’t have kids – it’s a fact!
  4. Getting out of the house involves extreme planning and organisation. Forget ‘popping to the shops’ – by the time everyone has been to the loo, put their shoes and coats on, chosen a toy to take and picked a snack you might as well have stayed at home. As described perfectly by the marvellous Michael McIntyre!
  5. Waiting on the side of a swimming pool/touchline/football pitch watching your little one try their very best can be feat of endurance (facing extreme weather and even more extreme boredom) but you would never forgive yourself if you missed the winning goal or their fastest length.
  6. Being a mother turns you into your mother – once I found myself spitting on my fingers to wipe chocolate from round my little one’s mouth I knew I was a lost cause.
  7. Andy, Kat, Alex and Kerrie are a real part of the family (well I see them a lot more than most relatives) – is it wrong that I’ll miss them when the kids finally grow out of CBeebies?
  8. However much you spend on birthday and Christmas presents your child will have the best fun ever with an empty toilet roll tube (we even have a rota so we know whose turn it is to have the next available one!) Just be prepared to channel your inner Blue Peter presenter to help make their imaginative creations a reality.
  9. Whatever you do for your family someone will have an opinion on it – stick to your guns and know (in the words of that great TV advert) – you’re doing great!


  10. Nothing makes your heart smile more than a hug and a kiss from the little wonder that you created!

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